Domain Map

The Domain Modelling Tool - Easy And Powerful Domain Driven Design

Relevant Questions ;)

What's the point of this tool?

Domain Map helps consultants, architects and developers to identify a Domain Model using Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing principles.

So, I can design software the DDD way?

Yes! However, it's not about Object Oriented design or programming (which are implementation details). Domain Map is about sitting down with the domain expert and identifying the business processes, scenarios, use cases, domain behaviour, concepts and models i.e all the information that we need in order to implement the application. Our purpose is to understand the Domain Language and Mindset and to express that knowledge using DDD patterns.

Can it be used for Event Storming?

Well, you should start with a looooong roll of paper and you should finish with Domain Map :). You do want to keep all that information in a searchable, easy to use and easy to update database, don't you?

Should I use it for CRUD apps too?

Nobody knows upfront whether an application is CRUD until they model the domain. Identify the Domain Model first, notice it's simple, decide on a CRUD implementation.